QUIK Новая Одноразовая Электронная Сигарета По Прейскуранту завода изготовителя 600 Затяжек Vape


600 Puffs Wholesale video

Nicotine Satisfaction, Simplified

One of the standout features of the MYDE 600 is its 20mg/2% Nic Salt E-Liquid. This potent nicotine formula ensures a satisfying hit with every puff, delivering the nicotine satisfaction you crave without the need for complex setups or refilling. Say goodbye to the hassle of buying e-liquids and fumbling with messy refills; the MYDE 600 comes pre-filled and ready to use.

Impressive Puff Count

One of the most impressive aspects of the MYDE 600 is its 600-puff capacity. With a 550mAh battery, this disposable vape is designed to last, making it equivalent to smoking approximately 30 cigarettes. Whether you’re out for the day or just want a convenient and reliable vaping option, the MYDE 600 has got you covered.

Mouth to Lung Vaping for Authentic Sensations

The MYDE 600 is optimized for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping, mimicking the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes. This means that whether you’re making the switch from smoking or simply prefer the MTL experience, the MYDE 600 offers an authentic and satisfying draw. This ensures that every puff delivers a smooth and satisfying hit, perfectly suited for Mouth to Lung vaping enthusiasts. With this setup, you can savor the delightful taste without any hassle or need for additional e-liquid.

Удобный для начинающих и простой в использовании

One of the MYDE 600’s biggest strengths is its user-friendliness. It’s the perfect choice for beginners looking to make the transition from smoking to vaping. Thanks to its draw-activated mechanism, there are no buttons to press or complicated settings to adjust. Simply unpack it, inhale, and enjoy the smooth, satisfying flavor.

Convenience in Your Pocket

The sleek and compact design of the MYDE 600 makes it incredibly easy to carry wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling, lounging on the beach, hanging out with friends, or simply enjoying some downtime at home, this disposable vape fits comfortably in your pocket or bag. It’s the ultimate companion for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Long-Lasting Battery for All-Day Enjoyment

With a powerful 550mAh battery, the MYDE 600 ensures that you can enjoy vaping throughout the day without worrying about running out of power. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly recharging your device. With the MYDE 600, you can savor your favorite flavors and relax without interruptions.

The Perfect Nicotine Fix

One standout feature of the MYDE 600 is its 20mg/2% Nic Salt E-Liquid. This ensures a smooth, satisfying nicotine hit that closely mimics the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes. With this disposable vape, you can kiss goodbye to those harsh throat hits associated with high-nicotine e-liquids.

600 Puffs of Pleasure

The MYDE 600 doesn’t disappoint in terms of longevity. With an impressive capacity that provides up to 600 puffs, you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without the need for constant refills or recharges. This equates to roughly 30 cigarettes, making it a fantastic alternative for those looking to transition away from smoking.

In conclusion, the MYDE 600 Disposable Vape is a game-changer in the world of vaping. Its ease of use, impressive nicotine delivery, long-lasting battery, and portability make it the perfect companion for both newcomers and experienced vapers alike. Say goodbye to the hassles of refilling and recharging – the MYDE 600 is here to simplify your vaping journey. 

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